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Arts & Crafts

Everybody, everywhere appreciates the wonder of art, with some nding artistic beauty in places often overlooked. Artists are experts at seeing those magical and forgotten moments in their surroundings and capturing them for all to see.


It can be found and celebrated in many weird and wonderful forms, from paintings produced by watercolours, oils and acrylics, to sculptures made from porcelain, ceramic and bronze. It can also be produced with textiles, glass, mixed media, photographs and even jewellery.

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Gallery 57

Gallery 57 provides a spacious area in which to display contemporary art which includes painting, drawing, original prints, 3D mixed media, ceramics, jewellery, photography and book arts. Workshops will also occassionally be available.


Gallery 57 welcomes and invites you to linger, sit and chat, look at art books or meet your friends.


57 Tarrant Street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9DJ

tel: 01903 885323  |  email:

Ruth Williams

Ruth’s landscapes, seascapes and interiors are inspired by the wonderful light and panoramic views from her coastal cli top studio/gallery on Portland. Ruth seeks to express light as sincerely as possible, whether through her studio window, shimmering on the

inspirational vista across Lyme bay or falling on the model.


Tel: 01305 822124


Denise, Handmade Crafts

Hand Knitted Knitwear and handmade cards is home to beautiful, decorative and lovingly handmade knitwear for babies, children and adults and greeting cards for all occasions.


Tel; 01502 537036 Mob; 07956 556511

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Vernon Hill Art

A self-taught hobby artist of many years with a talent for drawing, Vernon Hill specialises in drawing portraits of iconic and inuential people from the world of lm, music, politics and the Royal family.


For more information or to purchase or commission your own drawing, please call Vernon on 01375 371138.

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Artistic Flare

A landscape artist working in oils, acrylics and pastels, Jackie Midgen of Artistic Flare creates beautifully distinctive and colourful paintings and products for the home and office.


For more information visit,

email or call 07854 734290

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David Wade

David Wade is a self-taught landscape artist and a member of the Hampshire Artist Co-operative. An architect by profession, David has always been creative and has enjoyed a long career painting, exhibiting and selling his works of art. He takes inspiration from his passion for interesting landscapes and works predominantly in a swift, loose style with watercolour and acrylics.


For more information visit visit,

email or call 01730 263588.

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Kirk Glander Art Workshops

• No experience needed • All materials provided

• Small friendly workshops

• Guaranteed to go home with a painting to be proud of


Experience the Joy of Painting with Kirk Glander the UK’s leading Bob Ross Instructor. Putting your dreams on canvas


For further details visit

or email:

Alternatively, call Tel 01473 310654  |  Mobile 07956 892992


While the Arts movement has continued to thrive throughout history, the Arts and Crafts movement has seen tremendous growth in recent years, perhaps due in part to the internet and

online selling sites making it simpler and more accessible for crafters who cannot aord a physical shop, to sell their wares.


Secondly, the movement seems to have grown as an alternative to the mass-produced trends and fashions. Many are happy to keep with fashions and trends, though there are certainly some out there who prefer to express their own unique personality with individual designs and items.


Like with traditional artists who craft with a paintbrush, crafters and hobbyists enjoy the satisfaction of expressing their creativity, learning new crafts and taking a break from the

stresses of daily life with their art. For some, it is also an opportunity to generate a secondary income.


There is a huge variety of fresh and individual designs available, from jewellery, to household accessories, decorative and functional items such as handbags and phone cases, to toys and even clothes. Whether it’s the knowledge that each item is of a very limited number or the fact that it has been handmade with love by somebody who cares more about their craft than their nances, buyers are ready and willing to snap up these fantastic and unique pieces of art, whether an original painted canvas or a handmade candle.

David Burns Art

david burns

Whitstable Lavender

Handmade for your special occasion, Organic Garden Grown Confetti,

Lotions & Potions, Painted Signs, Food Products & Seed Bags mostly organic. Order online free!


7A High Street, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AP UK

T: 01227 280065 | M: 07772 208631


whistable lavender

MR  Retromugs

We set up our personalised gift business to help people create a perfect gift for their loved one at a reasonable price.

We are achieving this by keeping our prices as low as possible and doing exactly what you want not restricting you due to price.