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There’s no doubt that our upbringing and the parenting we received contributes towards defining us as individuals when we are adults.


It is common knowledge that there are various differing parenting types, each of which have been researched and studied. TV shows such as ‘Supernanny’ have brought the importance of parenting and parenting techniques to light, offering advice and tips for those parents who are struggling with raising a problematic child or overcoming challenging behaviour.


Raising children is an incredibly stressful, demanding but rewarding task and there is no ultimate right or wrong when it comes to offering parenting advice and tips, as every child and

parent is completely unique. However, there are thousands upon thousands of forums, support groups and specialists offering their tried and tested advice.

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Nuu Addition

Nuu Addition offer a variety of baby garments either for a baby boy or baby girl, packaged Singly in 5 piece sets or 7 piece sets. We also design pre-assorted Gift Boxes from 0-6months to assist in the new transition and make life a little easier.


For more information or to place your order visit our website:

Organic Sheepskins

The only registered organic sheepskin tannery in the British Isles, we have sheepskin baby rugs, unique sheepskin rugs as well as a tanning service.


Tel: 01989 730615  |  Email:

Supported Fostering Services

Have you ever thought about fostering, do you want to make a difference in a child’s life?


If you would like some more information about fostering with Supported Fostering Services call us now or visit our website for an information pack.


01268 574265  |

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Piccolo Preschool Nursery

We offer high quality care in a happy secure and stimulating environment. Term time only for children 2 years to school age.

Open 5 mornings with lunch club and 3 afternoons a week.

Experience and qualified staff. Set in idyllic location with large outdoor area and playground. OUTSTANDING Ofsted Report.

Nursery Grants available for 2 and 3 years old.


For a prospectus call in or contact us on 075 287 26248

Email: I


Piccolo Pre-school Nursery, The Sports Pavilion,

Vyne Road, Sherbourne St John

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Dance Voice

Unique 1 & 2 day CPD workshop training in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)


Ideal for professionals and mature students who are interested in integrating the moving body and the creative process. Develop personally and professionally


Visit our website for further information and application forms and see the information for our MA course

Reg. Charity No. 1054109

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Stylish Mamas

Exclusive Designs. Modern & Stylish.


Easy, simple, quick and discreet! Because you deserve to enjoy breastfeeding anywhere, anyplace.


To get £5 OFF your first order at checkout use code FIRSTBUY


For more exciting items visit:


Marking your baby’s development is an exciting period of time, but for many parents, it can also be incredibly stressful – particularly for those who focus too much on how fast their baby is developing, rather than simply enjoying the journey.


While most babies and children develop at a similar rate, it’s important to remember that each and every child is different and develops in their own time. Your child’s development can be influenced by many different factors including its temperament, natural strengths and abilities, siblings and premature births. For example, cautious babies may take a little longer to ensure they have it right before they take their first steps, while confident babies will just get up and go without a look back!


Premature births can also affect developmental timing. Babies born early often take longer than others to reach milestones, but by the age of 2, they have typically caught up with peers. In fact, experts say that when gauging a premature baby’s development, parents should begin counting from the child’s due date not birth date.


While most children who are slow to develop often catch up, it can sometimes signal a problem. A mild delay in development is generally not a cause for concern, but if coupled with other delays, you should talk to your doctor to confirm or rule out any underlying issues.

London Early Years Foundation


From this September we’re giving our existing staff and everyone who comes to work in our nurseries a real choice about the hours they work. Maybe it’s a full-time role in one of our 37 nurseries that suits you. Or the freedom of our staff bank where you only work when you choose.


020 7592 3631 Or email your CV to

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Thames Valley Fertility

Every day, our world-leading IVF team help even more women become mums.


If you need a little help, talk to us today: 01628 882 400 |

Thames Valley